Daniel Nikitin



DOB : 1996
Country : Russia
Computer : HP Pavillion m6
Camera : Xperia Z

Q : How have you gravitated toward visual art?

A : Even as a child I discovered a craving for drawing, pencils and paints became my favourite tools. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to study at an art school and my desire to draw was gone. But a few years ago, it appeared again and modern technologies have helped me go to the next level. Now I can create whatever I want, all that is needed is to find a bit of patience.

Q : What is your favourite Medium to work in?

A : My favourite medium to work is Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Q : Whats your least favourite color?

A : Red

Q : Educated or Self-Taught?

A : I am self taught

Q : What is your hope for your work?

A : I hope that my work will be fun, inspire and make you dream. I hope they will allow you look on the usual things new way. No better reward for the artist when his work is appreciated.

My Work