Andrew Brady



D.O.B. : 1973
Country : UK
Computer : n/a
Camera : n/a

Q : How have you gravitated toward visual art?

A : I have drawn and painted since my early childhood. I have worked in many, many different jobs – from pharmaceuticals to performing in bands – but have always come back to art no matter what. In the end, I gave in and threw myself into my art and I am now a full-time professional artist.

Q : Whats is your favourite medium to work?

A : I work only in very fine, very pure-pigmented oil paint on canvas.

Q : Whats your least favourite color?

A : I love all colours!

Q : Educated or Self-Taught?

A : Strangely, I do have a degree in Fine Art, but I learnt nothing at all about painting – the course was very modern and painting was never on the curriculum. For me, that was horrible. When I left, I taught myself to paint.

Q : What is your hope for your work?

A : The only hope I have for my work is to get it onto as many walls as possible.

My Work