Amelie Peron



DOB : 1987br> Country : Canada
Computer : Mac
Camera : Canon Nikon

Q : How have you gravitated toward visual art?

A : I’ve always been very artistic and loved to paint. I however have always had 2 passions; abstract painting and television. I call myself an emerging artist because I’ve focused on a broadcasting television career yet always created art works as a side-line. I’m presently working in TV programming, but have grown and developed my own art clientele…I have done exhibits and concentrated on sharing my passion with the world and my community.

Q : What is your favourite Medium to work in?

A : I mostly focus on acrylics and mixed media while producing art that individuals can not only relate to but find their own story within. I enjoy using different varnishes while playing with the pouring technique.

Q : Whats your least favourite color?

A : I don’t really have a least favorite color. However, a color branch I seem to have trouble blending into my art would be colors between orange and brown.

Q : Educated or Self-Taught?

A : I studied Creative Arts in CEGEP (Québec system) and Fine arts at Concordia University. Then went on to NYU where I took summer watercolor classes. For the past 10 years, I’ve always painted while being inspired by feelings, by stories and by life events.

Q : What is your hope for your work?

A : I am curious about the world, about topics and stories that affect and evoke us as human beings. I am presently published in a New York & London magazine; however my artistic goal is to share my art in various exhibitions, such as in Barcelona and New York. Where people can see and feel my art works.

My Work