Alex Rommel



Q : How have you gravitated toward visual art?

A :  I’ve painted since I was a child, It has always been topics like landscape, waterscape and water creatures, nature in general. I have been less

attracted by artworks of other artists, but by natural scenes I saw on my own. You can describe what I do as a passion to recreate patterns and

movement structures of nature in my own way, exaggerating their contents and mixing them together.

Q : What is your favourite Medium to work in?

A : I’m working with several different photo editing / digital painting programs and a graphic tablet with screen.

Q : Whats your least favourite color?

A : least favourite?… I don’t have, every color has its potential to be staged beautifully

Q : Educated or Self-Taught?

A :  I have been to an evening art course for children as I was 7-11 years old, I guess this has not much to do with what Im doing now. I’ve studied

landscape design and urban planning, the digital art is a self-taught thing.

Q : What is your hope for your work?

A : I hope to give a kind of different view of the world, making the viewer think about something that differs from the usual input which surrounds

him. I want to show that the world is connected in multiple ways we might not have thought about.

My Work